India is endowed with 8,129 km of coastline and about 68.79 lakh hectares of inland water area, providing immense scope for fish production. Fish production and export of marine products has increased manifold during the last few years. Apart from making its contribution towards foreign exchange earnings, increased fish production has also contributed to enhancing availability of protein-rich food, increasing employment opportunities and raising incomes of fishermen who belong to the disadvantaged section of the society. NCDC has been assisting fisheries cooperatives since 1974-75

Eligible Cooperative Societies:

NCDC provides assistance to primary, district and state level cooperatives, either directly or through State Governments.

Activities Assisted:

  • Purchase of operational inputs such as fishing boats, nets and engines
  • Creation of infrastructure facilities for marketing, transport vehicles, ice plants, cold storages, retail outlets, processing units, etc.
  • Development of inland fisheries, seed farms, hatcheries, etc.
  • Preparation of feasibility reports.
  • Integrated Fisheries Projects (Marine, Inland and Brackish Water)

Mode of Funding

Financial assistance is provided through the State Govt. or directly to the eligible cooperatives.

Quantum of Assistance and Pattern of Assistance

Varies from activity to activity and upto 90-95% of the total cost for the most of the activities. However, in case of strengthening of share capital base/margin money/working capital assistance, the quantum of assistance can be upto 100%.

For detailed pattern of assistance please click at the link provided.

Norms for direct funding

Cooperatives operating for minimum three years & broadly fulfilling following criteria are eligible:

  • Net worth should be positive
  • There should be no erosion in share capital.
  • Cash profit in last three years and net profit in two years
  • Should be in a position to provide 1.25 to 1.5 times security.

For detailed norms of Direct Funding please click [PDF, English, 23.2KB] at the link provided.

Yuva Sahakar - Cooperative Enterprise Support and Innovation Scheme

To encourage newly formed cooperatives take advantage of innovative ventures, especially by societies with new/innovative idea, NCDC has introduced a new scheme titled, “Yuva Sahakar - Cooperative Enterprise Support and Innovation Scheme” linked to a Cooperative Startup and Innovation Fund created by NCDC.Please click  [PDF, English, 29KB]for details of the Scheme

Common Loan Application Formfor availing assistance under the scheme of NCDC can be downloaded from NCDC’s website.

Fisheries & Aquaculture Infrastructure Development Fund (FIDF) Scheme

The Union Cabinet on 3.12.2018 approved for creation of Fisheries and Aquaculture Infrastructure Development Fund (FIDF) with a total outlay of Rs.7522.48 crore. The total financial outlay of Rs.7522.48 crore for the project comprises of (i) Rs.5266.40 crore to be raised by the Nodal Loaning Entities (NLEs) (ii) Rs.1316.60 crore to be contributed by beneficiaries (iii) Interest Subvention of Rs.939.48 crore budgetary support to be provided to NABARD/NLE (inclusive of interest, taxes, fees, charges etc.) from Government of India. Guidelines of the scheme are enclosed.

NCDC is one of the NLEs and shall source the required funds from the market borrowing, or utilise own financial resources or avail refinancing from NABARD for lending the loan in cooperative sector for implementation of FIDF.

Components of FIDF:


The broad investment activities eligible under FIDF are:

  • Establishment of Fishing Harbours,
  • Establishment of Fish Landing Centres
  • Infrastructure for Mariculture and Advanced Inland Fisheries (Ocean farming, Cage Culture etc.)
  • Construction of Ice Plants (both for marine and inland fisheries)
  • Development of Cold Storages(both for marine and inland fisheries)
  • Fish Transport and Cold Chain Network Infrastructure
  • Development of Modern Fish Markets
  • Setting up of Brood Banks
  • Development of Hatcheries
  • Development of Aquaculture
  • Modernization of State Fish Seed Farms
  • Establishment of state of art Fisheries Training Centres
  • Fish Processing Units
  • Fish Feed Mills/Plants
  • Establishment of Cage culture in Reservoirs
  • Introduction of Deep Sea Fishing Vessels
  • Establishment of Disease Diagnostic Laboratories
  • Development of Mariculture
  • Establishment of Aquatic Quarantine Facilities
  • Any other innovative projects/ activities designed to enhance fish production/productivity/value

Eligible Institutions under FIDF

NCDC will lend the loan to the Eligible Entities (EEs) in cooperative sector either through the State Governments/UTs or directly to the Eligible Cooperative Societies & Federation etc. in accordance with its financial terms and conditions at the specified rate of interest with ceiling on interest subvention specified under the FIDF and also fulfil the eligibility criteria, as per Operational Guidelines of the Scheme. (Refer: Circular No.33015-3/2017-Fy(H)Vol.I dated 12.02.2019 and 10.07.2019 at

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