In-charge Officers at Head Office

In-charge Officers at Head Office

  Name In-charge Divisions Telephone / Email

Managing Director

1 Shri Pankaj Kumar Bansal, IAS Managing Director 26510314

Deputy Managing Director

1 Shri Manoj Kumar Bansal Deputy Managing Director 26567955
2 Shri Rohit Gupta Deputy Managing Director

Director General

1 Shri Manoj Kumar LINAC- Gurugram 0124-2349027

Financial Adviser

1 Shri Sudhir Kumar Sharma Market Borrowing Cell, Budget Cell, Corporate Taxation Cell 26515448

Executive Directors

1 Shri Ashok B Pillai Fisheries Division and TD & SC Cooperatives, Storage & Cold Chain Division, Corporate Strategy Cell 26569246

Chief Directors

1 Col. Himanshu MIS Division, Corporate Communication (PR) Division, International Cooperation Division, Internal Audit Cell, Appellate Authority of RTI matters 26569246



Ms. Inderjeet Kaur

M&I, Consumer, Processing (FG, OS, PC etc.) and F&V


2 Shri Prabu Paulraj Textile, Agri-Exports & Export Promotion Division, Poultry, Dairy, Livestock 26569246
3 Shri R. K. Mangla P&C Division 26569246
4 Shri Girraj Agnihotri Sugar and ICDP 26569246
5 Shri Atar Singh Meena P&A, HRD and C,IC&SC, Part-time CVO, General Administration 26569246
6 Shri Vikas Upadhyay Legal Cell, Library Division, Rajbhasha Prabhag, CPIO & RTI Cell, World’s Largest Grain Storage Project, PMU Cell


7 Shri Rajat Mittal Loan Cell, Corporate Accounts & Cash Cell, Medical Cell 26569246
8 Shri Anirudh Singh General Administration 26569246
9 Dr. S. K. Tehedur Rahaman FPO Cell 26569246