Regional Directorate, Patna

Name of Regional Directorate: Patna
Jurisdiction: Bihar
Address of Regional Directorate: Block–A, Room No.20-21, (2nd Floor), Mourya Lok Complex, Dak Bungalow Road, Patna – 800 001
Name of Regional Director: Shri Anugrah Kerketta
Contact details: Phone No. 0612-2221467, Mob No. 9311765346, Fax No. 0612-2211604, E-mail:

Route map of directorate:

Cooperatives in Bihar:

S.No. Category of Societies Number
1 State Level Cooperative Organizations (representing Marketing, Dairy Handloom Weavers, Fishermen, Sericulture, Oilseed, Sheep & Goat, Credit and Banking) 32
2 District Central Cooperative Bank 22
3 District level milk union 8
4 Harit Vegetable Processing and Marketing Cooperative Union Ltd. 1
5 Primary Agriculture Credit Society 8463
6 Vyapar Mandals 521
7 Consumer Stores 1874
8 Thrift & credit 327
9 Fishermen 468
10 Housing 2741
11 Industrial 2647
12 Poultry 237
13 Cold Storage 50
14 Labour 4577
15 Gramodoy 844
16 Mahila Vikash 430
17 Weavers 1089
18 Fruits & Vegetable growers 342
19 Oilseed growers 474
20 Milk Producers 1503
21 Talgur growers 76
22 Irrigation 557
23 Joint Farming 406
24 Boat Transport 89
25 Cobblers 187
26 Transporters 172
27 Sarvodoy 54
28 Special Type 393
29 Self -Supporting (Swalambi) 7887
  Total 36471

Implementation of NCDC Programmes:

Financial support by NCDC:

Up to 31.03.2023, NCDC has provided total disbursements of Rs. 10703.41 crore benefiting various cooperative projects/units as follows:

S.No. Scheme/Activity Cumulative Disbursements as on
31.03.2023 (Rs. in crore)
1 Marketing & Inputs 619.5
2 Processing 13.52
3 Weaker Sections 331.42
4 Consumer 3.72
5 Storage 110.38
6  ICDP 419.55
7 Service & Agri. Credit 9200.55
8 Computerization 0.22
9 Promotional Schemes 0.23
10 Formation and Promotion of FPOs 4.09
11 PMMSY 0.23
  Total 10703.41


Sector wise cumulative disbursements
Cumulative Disbursements as on 31.03.2023 (Rs. in Crore)

Achievements during last 5 complete years (up FY 2022-23):

Year Assistance Disbursements
(Rs. in crore)
Number Amount
2018-19 6 56.36


2019-20 2 585.82 454.40
2020-21 1


2021-22 1 2501.61 2857.89
2022-23 75 5019.25 4503.74
Total 85 10174.04 9603.03

Highlights of the programmes assisted and other relevant achievements/ issues during the last 5 years (2018-19 to 2022-23):

  • Dairy
    NCDC has played a major role in developing the “Sudha” dairy brand as a “Pride of Bihar”. The state level Dairy Federation i.e. COMFED has availed financial assistance for 16 dairy projects. Up to 31.03.2023 an assistance of Rs. 331.42 crore has been disbursed.
    •    ICDP
    ICD projects have played a crucial role to support un-tapped PACS from various sectors and helped to flourish them from the very beginning stage. Out of 38 districts 22 has been covered under ICDP as on 31.03.2023, the assistance disbursed of Rs. 419.55 crore.
    •    Storage & Cold Storage
    NCDC has played a vital role in developing Cooperative Storage & Cold Storage Business in the Bihar state by supporting cold storages like Mahua & Barauni Cooperative Cold Storage and others etc. With the NCDC assistance under its schemes, 3057 rural and marketing godowns have been constructed in the State while 1208 godowns have been created under ICDP Scheme. As on 31.03.2021, an assistance of Rs.110.38 crore has been provided for the purpose in the State.
    •    State Cooperative Bank
    NCDC has supported State Cooperative Bank (SCB) for farm procurement from farmers and will continue to support in the future too. NCDC has sanctioned Rs. 10900 crore to State Cooperative Bank & disbursed Rs. 9200.55 crore for farm procurement, up to 31.03.2023.
    •    Farm Mechanization
    As on 31.03.2023, Rs.556.55 crore has been sanctioned and Rs. 439.05 crore disbursed by NCDC for establishment of Farm Mechanization Hubs in the State of Bihar which will benefit 2927 PACS in various districts.
    •    Fisheries FPO
    As on 31.03.2023, Rs. 96.98 Lakh has been sanctioned to one Fisheries FPO in East Champaran district for development of Integrated Fish and Goat Rearing project under Pradhan Mantri Matsya Sampada Yojana and Yuva Sahakar Scheme.
    •    CSS – Formation and Promotion of 10,000 FPOs Scheme / Formation of FFPOs under the Central Sector Component of Pradhan Mantri Matsya Samapada Yojana
    As on 31/03/2023, 52 FPOs have been successfully registered in the Bihar state and 25 more FPOs are in the final stages of registration. Rs. 16.74 crore has been sanctioned under the CSS – FPO Scheme and Rs. 3.64 crore has been disbursed upto 31.03.2023. Regional Directorate, Patna has also successfully gotten registered 4 Fish FPOs in the state and 2 more Fish FPOs are in the last stages of registration. Rs. 1.65 crore has been sanctioned under PMMSY for the Formation of Fish FPOs and Rs. 0.16 crore has been released so far.

Initiatives for development of Aspirational Districts(identified by NITI Aayog) through Cooperatives:

NCDC is focussed for the development of 13 Aspirational Districts identified by NITI Aayog in the State i.e. Araria, Aurangabad, Banka, Begusarai, Gaya, Jamui, Khagaria, Katihar, Muzaffarpur, Nawada, Purnia, Sheikhpura, and Sitamarhi.
Gaya, Khagaria and Sitamarhi are the three districts where Integrated Cooperative Development Project (ICDP) were successfully completed. Presently, ICD project is ongoing in Begusarai, Aurangabad, Araria, &Purnia district. Under ICDP, assistance has been provided to PACS, Vypar Mandal, other cooperatives for renovation of Godowns, Margin Money, purchase of furniture & fixtures, Rice Mill, Composite Mill, E-Centre, Computerization of PACS, opening of banking counters with Safe locker facility & also provided financial assistance to those SHGs affiliated to the cooperative society.
Banka, Jamui, Sheikhpura, Nawada, Katihar & Muzaffarpur districts have been identified and proposed to be covered under ICDP. Besides these projects NCDC has provided financial assistance to Gaya and Sitamarhi Districts Coop. Milk Producers Societies Union Ltd., towards modernization-cum-expansion of milk packaging unit towards installation/modernization-cum-expansion of milk collection centres.

Development Opportunities in the State through Cooperatives:

  • Fisheries Department, Bihar Government has prepared a report on “Fisheries Development in Bihar through Cooperatives”. NCDC will favourably consider the proposal after its receipt.

  • NCDC is looking at the potential to support State Level Vegetable (Sabji) Federation planned by the State Government. NCDC will support PACS, District Level Sangh, State Federation to create cold chain infrastructure like pack houses, pre-cooling units, etc. to enable the cooperatives to procure, process, market, branding etc. of vegetables and will help to nurture the State Vegetable Federation as an institution like COMFED.

  • NCDC is exploring the sanction of financial assistance to State Cooperative Bank (SCB) for farm produce procurement on competitive rate basis. NCDC also will assist Cooperative Bank for computerisation.

  • The potential of weaker section cooperatives like Dairy and Livestock, Tribal, Handloom and Fisheries will be further tapped.

  • Storage and establishment of small agro-processing units will continue to be assisted under ICDP.

  • Other than under ICDP, establishment of agro-processing units atleast six during the year under different schemes of NCDC will be focused upon.

  • Focus will remain on strengthening of cooperatives in Aspirational Districts.

  • Promotion of Yuva Sahakar scheme, bringing awareness regarding development of cooperatives as Modern Banking Units, etc., will be intensified.

Success Stories:

  • COMFED (Bihar State Milk Co-Operative Federation Ltd.): The Bihar State Milk Co-Operative Federation Ltd. (COMFED) was established in 1983 as the implementing agency of Operational Flood (OF) programme of dairy development on “Anand” pattern in Bihar. Its brand name “Sudha” for milk and milk product has become a symbol of quality, aptly called the “Pride of Bihar”. As on date, nine out of ten dairy plants are ISO: 9001:2000 and HACCP: IS: 15000:1998 certified.