Regional Directorate, Raipur

Name of Regional Directorate: Raipur
Jurisdiction: Chhattisgarh
Address of Regional Directorate: 10th Floor , Tower - C, Commercial Complex, CBD , Sector - 21, Nava Raipur Atal Nagar - 492002
Name of Regional Director: Sh.Kailash Kumar Kaushik
Contact details:Ph. # 0771-2252086 , Fax # 0771-2442086, E-mail: [email protected], Twitter: @Ncdc.raipur

Google Map link (Route map of Directorate):

Cooperatives in Chhattisgarh:

S. No. Type of cooperative societies No. of Societies
1 Apex Societies 13
2 State level/block level/Multi district PACS 41
3 DCCB 7
4 Citizen Cooperative Bank 14
5 Sugar cooperative society 9
6 District cooperative union 17
7 District minor forest producer cooperative society 30
8 District weaver cooperatives 2
9 District Antavyasayi cooperative societies 27
10 District wholesale consumer cooperative 13
11 District fisherman cooperative Society 6
12 District Tree society 6
13 PACS (857) and LAMPS (476) 1333
14 Primary non-agriculture credit cooperative societies 240
15 Primary forest producer cooperative society 913
16 Primary consumer cooperative societies 745
17 Primary weaver cooperative society 434
18 House building cooperative societies 300
19 Marketing and Processing cooperative societies 115
20 Dairy cooperative societies 911
21 Fisheries cooperative societies 1550
22 Multipurpose cooperative society 540
23 Community Agriculture/Joint Agriculture cooperative society 73
24 Industrial cooperative society 368
25 Mineral cooperative society 324
26 Transport cooperative society 67
27 Primary cooperative canteen 45
28 Primary Tree Society 210
29 Labour cooperative society 146
30 Printing press cooperative society 38
31 Aabkari cooperative society 22
32 Fruits, Flowers, Vegetables Producer and Marketing cooperative society 77
33 Animal Husbandry cooperative society 13
34 Poultry cooperative society 7
35 Seed producer & storage cooperative society 53
36 Unemployed cooperative society 27
37 Other cooperative society 174
  Total 8910

Implementation of NCDC Programmes:

Financial support by NCDC:

Up to 31.03.2020, NCDC has provided total disbursement of Rs.41,914.33 crore (since 2011-12 after reopening of the Regional Office in Raipur) benefitting various cooperative projects/units as follows:

S. No. Scheme/Activity Cumulative Disbursement as on 31-03-2020 (Rs. in crore)
1 Marketing & Inputs 41543.66
2 Sugar 369.980
3 Storage 0.420
4 Processing 0.270
5 Consumer 0.004
6 Consumer 3.72
  Total 41914.33

Sector wise cumulative disbursements & Cumulative disbursement as on 31-03-2020 (Rs in crore)

Achievements during last 5 years (Up to 31.03.2020)


Assistance(Rs. in crore)

Number Amount
2015-16 5 3736.25 3650.21
2016-17 9 8010.00 7919.77
2017-18 4 8729.31 8551.45
2018-19 3 8500.31 8000.31
2019-20 4 8000.40 5500.34

Highlights of the programmes assisted and other relevant achievements/ issues during the last 5 years (2015-16 to 2019-20):

  • Chhattisgarh State Cooperative Marketing Federation Limited, Raipur is the Nodal agency for paddy procurement in the State and has been provided with Working capital assistance of₹.8000.00 Cr during 2018-19 for paddy procurement. The procurement process benefits the farmers by purchasing paddy through 1333 PACS/LAMPS of 27 districts of the state. Duringthe last 5 years an amount of ₹.31,491.00 Cr. has been provided to CG Markfed Ltd towards paddy procurement and purchase of gunny bags.
  • Sugar cooperative societies namely,Bhoramdev Sahakari Shakkar Utpadak Karkhana Limited, Kabirdham District has been assisted with Working capital loan of ₹ 248.98 cr. and LauhPurushSardarVallabh Bhai Patel SahakariShakkarKarkhana Limited., Pandriya, Kabirdham has been assisted with Term Loan of ₹ 81.00 cr. & working capital of ₹. 40.00 cr.
  • During the year 2018-19 NCDC has sanctioned Bilha Cooperative Marketing Society, Mungeli District Margin Money assistance of ₹.34.00 lakh and as on dated released ₹. 31.01 lakh.

New Initiatives in the Region during Year F.Y. 2019-20:

  • Establishment of Agro Processing Units for value addition.
  • Promoting cooperatives under YuvaSahakar-Cooperative Enterprise Support & Innovation Scheme and PACS as Modern Banking Units.
  • Augmenting infrastructural facilities like godowns by the cooperative societies.

Initiatives for development of Aspirational Districts(identified by NITI Aayog) through Cooperatives:

  • There are 10 aspirational districts in the State of Chhattisgarh as identified by the NITI Aayog viz., Rajnandgaon, Mahasamund, North Bastar Kanker, Bastar, South Bastar Dantewada, Kondagaon, Bijapur, Narayanpur, Korba and Sukma. The Chhattisgarh State has considerable tribal population (40% approx) hence leaves scope for implementation of Backyard Poultry and Livestock programmes.
  • Integrated Cooperative Development Projects may also be implemented in the above 10 districts in achieving balanced Cooperative development in the State.

Participation in Rashtriya Krishi Mela Chhattisgarh 2020

NCDC Regional Office Raipur participated in Rashtriya Krishi Mela Chhattisgarh 2020 held at Tulsi Baradera, Raipur from 23rd to 25th February 2020. The 3-day long fair exhibited various agri equipment and latest technologies. NCDC stall attracted visitors in large who are farmers, personnel of cooperative societies, students, entrepreneurs, etc. and NCDC Schemes and programs were explained in detail to the enthusiasts. The entrepreneurs, students in particular have shown interest to know about NCDC’s YUVA Sahakar Scheme. The students, entrepreneurs and the like were encouraged to form cooperatives for undertaking agribusiness activities

NCDC Regional Awards for year 2018-19 :

The Regional Directorate, Raipur has organised the Regional Awards-2018 functionon 21.12.2018 at Atal Nagar, Raipur and conferred NCDC Regional Awards to 4 cooperative societies from the hands of Sh. Sunil Kumar Jain, IAS, Registrar of Cooperative Societies, Chhattisgarh. The details of award winning societies are given below.

PACS Excellence:-Seva Sahakar iSamiti Maryadit Aundhi.
Merit:-Vrihata karSeva Sahakari Samiti Maryadit,Gadadih
Special Category( Dairy) Excellence:-Dugdh Utpadak Sahakari Samiti Maryadit, Chilpawan
Merit:-Dugdh Utpadak Sahakari Samiti Maryadit, Nartora

Seva Sahakari Samiti Maryadit Aundhi receiving NCDC Regional Award for Cooperative Excellence-2018

Vrihtakar Seva Sahakari Samiti Maryadit., Gadadih receiving NCDC Regional Award for Cooperative Merit -2018

Dugdh Utpadak Sahakari Samiti Maryadit., Chilpawan receiving NCDC Regional Award for Cooperative Excellence-2018

Dugdh Utpadak Sahakari Samiti Maryadit., Nartora receiving NCDC Regional Award for Cooperative Merit -2018

Development Opportunities in the State through Cooperatives:

  • Establishment of Agro-processing centers including Rice Mills for doubling the income of the farmers and value addition of the farm produce.
  • Providing working capital assistance for paddy procurement under price support scheme.
  • Creation of infrastructure facilities by Cooperatives under CSISAC Scheme.
  • Establishment of Ethanol Plants by Sugar Cooperative societies.

Success Stories:


Bilha Cooperative Marketing Society:

  • Chhattisgarh State Cooperative Marketing Federation (MARKFED) is an Apex Level Federation of Cooperative Marketing Societies in the State of Chhattisgarh. Chhattisgarh State Cooperative Marketing Federation Limited, Raipur (Registration No. 216 dated 31.10.2000) came into existence simultaneously with the creation of new Chhattisgarh State on 1st November 2000.
  • MARKFED executes the work of paddy procurement under Price Support Scheme and supply of chemical fertilizers and plant protection material to the farmers of the state as per the instructions of Government.
  • The procurement process benefits the farmers by purchasing paddy through 1333 PACS/LAMPS of 27 districts of the stateunder Price Support Scheme. NCDC has been major financier to the CGMarkfed for the paddy procurement. During the year 2018-19, the federation has availed financial assistance of ₹.8000.00 Cr.
  • BilhaCooperative Marketing Society came into existence in the year 1968 (Registration No. 21) in Mungeli District of Chhattisgarh. Society mainly deals in Sale of Fertilisers, Pesticide, Kerosene Oil, Seeds, Cement and PDS.
  • Area of operation of the society covering more than 200villages and it is helping the farmers of these villages by providing fertilizers and other basic requirement of agriculture.
  • Society hasmajority of SC/ST members (80% approx) out of 6781 members and has 4 godowns with the capacity of 1700 MT and a rice mill. Society is also providing employment of local people by recruiting, presently 08 employees are working.
  • The society has been sanctioned margin money assistance of ₹.34.00 lakh and so far released an amount ₹.31.01 lakh.