Regional Directorate, Bhopal

Name of Regional Directorate: Bhopal
Jurisdiction: Madhya Pradesh
Address: A-8, Third Floor, Platinum Plaza, T. T. Nagar, Bhopal, MP 462003
Name of Regional Director: Shri Shailendra Singh
Contact details: Ph: 0755-4902397 (CRM: 9311765335)

Route map of Directorate:

Cooperatives Societies in Madhya Pradesh (As on 31.03.2024):

S.No. Category of Societies Number
1 Housing Cooperatives 2108
2 Marketing Cooperatives 317
3 Processing Cooperatives 124
4 Industrial cooperatives 7604
5 Primary Fisheries Cooperatives 2697
6 Top Cooperatives 24
7 Cooperative sugar factories 9
8 District Cooperative Central Bank 39
9 District Agriculture and Rural Development Bank 50
10 Citizen Cooperative Bank 56
11 District Cooperative Union 41
12 District Forest Produce Co-operative Federation 83
13 District Wholesale Consumer Stores 37
14 Entrepreneur Cooperative Development Society 49
15 District BD Cooperative Federation 2
16 Fruits-Flowers Greens Vegetable Marketing Cooperative Societies 163
17 Primary Agricultural Credit Co-operative Societies 4548
18 Primary Non-Agricultural Credit Co-operative Societies 3378
19 Primary Oilseeds Production Co-operative Societies 144
20 Primary Milk Producer Co-operative Societies 9294
21 Primary Weavers Co-operative Societies 570
22 Primary consumer cooperative stores 4466
23 Mineral / Labor / Quarrying Co-operative Societies 703
24 Cooperative Printing Press 188
25 Rural Electricity Co-operative Societies 7
26 Primary Minor Forest Produce Co-operative Societies 1080
27 Other Co-operative Societies 1082
28 Women Multipurpose Cooperative Societies 1817
29 Seed Producer Co-operative Societies 1721
30 Collective / Agricultural Co-operative Societies 107
31 Animal / Poultry Farming Co-operative Societies 81
32 Cold storage cooperatives 11
33 Organic farming 45
34 General committee 405
35 Federal society 31
36 Innovation 579
37 Livelihood Multipurpose Co-operative Societies 11371
  Total 48156

Implementation of NCDC Programmes:

Financial support by NCDC:

Up to 31.03.2024, NCDC has cumulatively provided total disbursement of Rs.9634.10 crore, benefiting various Cooperative projects/units as follows:

Cumulative Disbursement as on 31 March, 2024

S.No. Scheme/Activity Cumulative Disbursements (in crores)
1 Marketing & Inputs 1649.21
2 Sugar 54.05
3 Textile 334.34
4 Processing 153.86
5 Weaker Sections 0.98
6 Consumer 18.06
7 Storage& Cold Storage 150.00
8 ICDP 611.57
9 Industrial & Service Cooperatives 6359.01
10 MIS and others 303.01
  Total 9634.10



Sanctions and Release details of last 5 years (Rs. in crore):

Year Sanction Release
2019-20 1350.49 1081.70
2020-21 954.60 208.36
2021-22 173.33 477.09
2022-23 641.36 284.40
2023-24 536.72 322.90

Highlights of the programmes assisted and other relevant achievements/ issues during the last 5 years (2019-20 to 2023-24):

  • ST Working Capital loan of Rs. 6359.01crore disbursed to DCCBs/Service Coops.
  • Financial assistance of Rs.150.00 crore extended for creation of storage capacities to primary Coops.
  • An amount of Rs.611.57 crore disbursed for implementation of ICDPs in the state.
  • Cooperative Textile Mill assisted with Rs. 45.00 crore.
  • Under Central Sector Scheme - Formation and Promotion of 10000 Farmers Producer Organizations (FPO) Scheme, a total of 26 FPOs got registered (in Morena, Chhatarpur, Gwalior, Harda, Narmadapuram, Jhabua, Umaria, Panna and Katni) upto FY 2023-24.
  • Under Pradhan Mantri Matsya Sampada Yojana (PMMSY), a total of 5 Fisheries FPOs got registered. One each in Morena, Ujjain, Bhopal, Raisen and Sehore.
  • Assisted the Mktg. Coop for establishment of Tomato Processing Unit in Jhabua under PMFME Scheme.
  • Assisted three Primary Coops for Establishment of Oil Processing Units, one in Seoni and two in Gwalior.
  • Sanction of ST working capital to Cooperative Sugar Mills in Khargone & Burhanpur.
  • Two projects approved under Yuva Sahakar scheme of NCDC.
  • Sanction of Margin money assistance under World Largest Grain Storage Project in Balaghat.
  • Capacity Building to officials and members of the Primary Coops, FPOs and FFPOs.

Initiatives for development of Aspirational Districts (identified by NITI Aayog) through Cooperatives:

  • All the 8 Aspirational Districts (Chhatarpur, Damoh, Khandwa, Singrauli, Vidisha, Guna, Rajgarh and Badwani) are covered under various schemes of the NCDC.
  • Women Cooperative supported in Damoh District for implementation of Goat Farming Project under National Livestock Mission (NLM) and forwarding credit to SHGs.
  • Under Central Sector Scheme - Formation and Promotion of 10k Farmers Producer Organizations (FPOs) Scheme, 6 FPOs have been formed in Chhatarpur.

Development Opportunities in the State through Cooperatives:

  • Focus on new schemes of Govt. of India under the Atmanirbhar Bharat Abhiyaan i.e., PM-FME, PMMSY, NLM, AHIDF, AMI, NBHM and AHIDF Schemes.
  • Creating additional storage capacity to Coops in rural areas.
  • Creation of Agricultural Marketing Infrastructure facilities under AMI Scheme.
  • Focus on Service Sectors by extending ST working capital loans to improve liquidity.
  • Promoting Agriculture Grading, Packing, Processing and other value addition activities.
  • Nurturing 49 FPOs allocated to the State through Central sector Schemes.
  • Implementation of World Largest Grain Storage Project – PM Ann Bhandaran.
  • Adoption of PACS for implementation of initiatives identified by Ministry of Cooperation.
  • Navachar initiative of Deptt. Of Cooperation, GoMP.

Success Story:

Samaradhha Mahila Bahuudeshiya Sahkari Samiti Mydt. Damoh

National Livestock Mission Scheme- Assisted Multipurpose Women Coops of Aspirational District Damoh for establishment of Goat Rearing Center.

ST Working Capital: The financial assistance will help the society to cater to the needs of small financial requirements of associated women SHGs.                           


                                                                NCDC Regional Award for Excellence & Merit -Year 2023


                                  NDVS University Jabalpur – Capacity Building Program under Pradhan Mantri Matsy Sampada Yojana



                                  Inauguration of Godown under World Largest Grain Storage Scheme at PACS Parawada Distt. Balaghat