XXV. Information Relation to Training Imparted to Public by Public Authority

XXV. Information Related to Training Imparted to Public by Public Authority

Name of training programme with brief descriptio Various trainings for personnel of projects assisted by Corporation to improve implementation of projects.
Time period for Training Programme / Scheme 3 – 30 days
Objective of training To improve competencies of the personnel for better implementation / management of assisted projects / schemes
Physical and Financial Targets (Last Year)  
Eligibility for training Managers/Development Officers of projects/cooperative organizations assisted by the Corporation or under Promotional and Developmental (P&D) Programme
Pre-requisite for training (If any) Employed in or related to assisted projects
Description of help (Mention the amount of Financial help, if any) Financial provisions for trainings exist in assisted project outlays or under P&D programme
Procedure of giving help As part of project or under P&D Programmes
Contact information for applying Announcement letters inviting nominations are sent in advance to the projects/cooperatives/concerned State Govts.
Application fee (wherever applicable Actual boarding, lodging and tuition cost out of the provisions in the project.
Other fees (Wherever applicable) Not applicable
Application form (In case the application is made on plain paper please mention the details which the applicant has to provide) Nominations of the target category /level of personnel for the specific trainings are made by the projects / cooperatives.
List of enclosures / documents Not Applicable
Validity period of certificate (If applicable) Not Applicable
Process of renewal (If any) Not Applicable
Selection Procedure Not Applicable
Format of enclosures/documents Not Applicable
Procedure of application Not Applicable
Process followed in the Public Authority after the receipt of application Valid nominations of the project personnel are confirmed by the Centre
Normal time taken for issuance of certificate Certificates are awarded at the end of each training programme
Time table of training programme (In case available) A calendar of programme for each financial year is planned in advance. Announcement letter for each training programme contains objectives and the content coverage in the programme
Process to inform the trainee about the training schedule As above
Arrangement made by the Public Authority for creating public awareness about the training programme. Training calendar is distributed to all Regional Directorates and uploaded on the website of the Corporation for creating awareness.
List of beneficiary of the training programme at various levels like district level, block level etc. Managers, Development Officers, (Board of Directors in certain cases) in the assisted projects/cooperatives at State/district levels