Regional Directorate, Thiruvananthapuram

Name of Regional Directorate: Thiruvananthapuram
Jurisdiction: Kerala & LakshadweepAddress: House No: GV-2 & T.C. No.- 11/808, Nalanda Junction, Nanthencode, Kowdiyar P.O., Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala - 695003 
Name of Regional Director: Sh. Sreedharan K N
Contact details: 9311765351, Ph: 0471-2318497, Fax: 0471-2311673, E-mail id:

(Route map of directorate):,76.9486871,17z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m5!3m4!1s0x3b05bb24d753390f:0xc65a289685b9c6ff!8m2!3d8.5128722!4d76.9508758


Cooperative Societies in Kerala: 

S.No. Type of Cooperatives Working Defunct Under Liquidation Total
1 Apex / Banks 20 0 0 20
2 Federal Societies 10 1 0 11
3 Primary Agri Dev Banks 77 1 0 78
4 Primary Agri Credit Societies (Service Coop: Banks) 1544 34 29 1607
5 Farmers Service Coops Societies 37 0 0 37
6 Rural Coop Bank/ Societies 177 10 2 189
7 Agri Improvement CS 324 28 1 353
8 Primary non-agri Credit Societies 147 33 7 187
9 Urban Coop: Banks 165 3 2 170
9 Joint/Collective Farming Coop Societies 31 31 19 81
10 Employees Credit Coop: Society  911 170 50 1131
11 Primary Housing Coop: Societies (credit) 288 85 22 395
12 Consumer Coops  3801 717 122 4640
13 Marketing & Processing 234 309 69 612
14 Women Coops  951 266 28 1245
15 SC Coop Society 382 310 46 738
16 ST Coop Society 52 41 6 99
17 Labour Contract Coop Societies 401 330 47 778
18 Transport Cooperatives 43 76 24 143
19 Hospital Coops 98 71 25 194
20 Educational Coops 92 40 5 137
21 Other Type of Coops ( under RCS) 2507 757 154 3418
22 Coir Coops 568 271 257 1096
23 Handloom /Textile Coops 340 134 81 555
24 Dairy Coops
3364 269 0 3633
25 Industrial Coops 410 402 876 1688
26 Fisheries Coops 522 236 926 1684
  Total 17496 4625 2798 24919
Source: Website of Departments of Cooperation/Economic Review 2022 

Implementation of NCDC Programmes:

Financial support by NCDC:

Up to 31.03.2023, NCDC has provided total disbursement of Rs.9682.85 crore benefitting various cooperative projects/units as follows:

Cumulative Disbursement as on 31 March, 2023

S.No. Scheme/Activity Cumulative Disbursements 
 (Rs. in crore)
1 Marketing & Inputs


2 ICDP in selected States 287.249
3 Sugar Factories, by-product etc. 1.560
4 Ginning & Pressing and Spinning 259.951
5 Other small and medium sized processing units 147.562
6 Storage & Cold Storage 34.344
7 Consumer Cooperatives 133.130
8 Weaker Section Cooperatives 783.977
9 Industrial & Service Cooperatives 7678.67
10 Assistance for Computerization 9.738
11 Prom. & Development Role including CSR 26.360
12 Debt Swapping 150.139
13 Yuva Sahakar 0.267
14 FPO-CBBO 1.327
15 Others 0.136
  Total 9682.854

Sanctions and Release details of last 5 years (Rs. in crore)

S.No. Year Sanction Release
1 2018-19 367.54 273.62
2 2019-20 450.73 363.89
3 2020-21 206.45 303.54
4 2021-22 266.92 371.84
5 2022-23 732.98 704.74

1. Highlights of the programmes assisted and other relevant achievements/ issues during the last 5 years (2018-19 to 2022-23): 

  • During the period from 2018-19 to 2022-23, NCDC has released an amount of Rs.168.60 crore for implementation of Integrated Fisheries Development Projects, Training &  Awareness and Aqurium in the State. 

  • NCDC has released an amount of ₹140.00  crore to Coir sector during the last 5 years.

  • During the last 5 years, NCDC released Rs.71.56  crore for taking up 2nd phase of ICDPs in the Districts of Idukki, Palakkad and Thrissur.  All are in the advance stage of implementation. 

  • Released short term Working Capital assistance to the tune of Rs.1258.99  crore under Direct Funding Scheme during last 5 years.

  • Released Rs.54.62  crore for 7 Hospital projects.

  • An amount of Rs.9.31  crore has been released to 3 Educational Cooperatives from 2018-19 to 2022-23.

  • Released Rs.245.00  crore for setting up of modern crusher unit and Margin Money to Uralungal Labour CCS during last 5 years.

  • During 2018-19 to 2022-23, NCDC released a total amount of Rs.45.82  crore to State Govt. of Kerala for enabling Spinning Mills to take up modernization-cum-expansion projects.

  • Rs1.327  crore has been assisted to various FPOs in the state of Kerala during the period.

2.    Financial Assistance for development in UT of Lakshadweep:

Under the PMMSY scheme, one project for Establishment of Marine Ornamental Fish Aquaculture Enterprises in Agatti, Lakshadweep as a Technology Demonstration Project has been sanctioned to CMFRI, Kochi and out of sanctioned amount of Rs.99.48 lakh, an amount of Rs.53.36 lakh has been released towards the project.

3. New Initiatives in the Region during Year F.Y. 2020-21:

  • Yuva Sahakar – Sanctioned financial assistance of Rs.54.85 Lakh for creation of infrastructures towards modern manufacturing unit of virgin coconut oil and other related activities to a women cooperative in Thiruvananthapuram District.
  • Encouraging societies to take up diversified activities in service sector like, healthcare, hospitality, education etc.
  • Under Sahakar Mitra scheme, internship is provided to students.
  • LINAC - NCDC Fisheries Businesses Incubation Centre (LIFIC) has been setup by LINAC under PMMSY. LIFIC provides residential training to students and entrepreneurs in Fisheries sector.

4. Initiatives for development of Aspirational Districts (identified by NITI Aayog) through Cooperatives: 

  • Wayanad is an aspirational district and it is covered under ICDP scheme of NCDC.
  • Societies have been encouraged to go in for diversification in healthcare, hospitality and other service oriented activities.  Accordingly, NCDC sanctioned Rs 6.24  crore for setting up a resort complex by one society viz Wayanad District Government Contractors Co-operative Society Ltd. 
  • Sanctioned financial assistance of Rs.90.00 lakh to a women cooperative for construction of a Tourist Guest House in Wayanad District.

5. Development Opportunities in the State/ UT through Cooperatives: 

  • Creation of modern infrastructure facilities to Primary coops
  • Working Capital loan to Credit Cooperatives
  • Strengthening hospital cooperatives with modern healthcare infrastructures
  • Promoting cooperatives to take up projects in hospitality sector, which has good scope in Kerala.
  • Primary processing centers for agro-produce
  • Formation and promotion of FPOs under Formation and Promotion of 10,000 Farmer Producer Organizations (FPOs).
  • Formation of Fisheries FPO and providing financial assistance to FFPOs and Fisheries Cooperatives under Pradhan Mantri Matsya Sampada Yojna (PMMSY).
  • Capacity buiding of officials of cooperative societies under LINAC Regional Training Centre, Thiruvananthapuram.


Success Stories:

  • Uralungal Labour Contract Co-operative Society
    ULCCS was formed in 1925 by the eminent social reformer Sri Guru Vagbhatananda in a remote hamlet called Uralungal near Vatakara in Kozhikode District of Kerala, as a novel mass movement against the anarchies of the caste system prevalent in those days. Today it is the biggest ‘Labour Contract Society’ in the country, is democratically managed and has 1825 workers as members and provides employment to around 6000 in the rural areas.

    Considering the meritorious service performance of the Society, the Government of Kerala appointed ULCCS as an Accredited Agency in the following for execution of Govt’s sponsored projects like civil construction work for development of roads, bridges, buildings and allied infrastructure. Major clients of the Society include National Highways Department, Public Works Department of Govt. of Kerala and other state government ministries and a host of reputed private enterprises.  The Society has completed over 7561 major projects and is currently implementing over 626 projects worth more than Rs.5000 crores. The Society has a paid-up share capital of Rs 94.73 crore and a net worth of over Rs.200 crore. During the last 3 years the turnover has increased from Rs.1554.15 crore in 2019-20 to  Rs.2014.59 crore in 2021-22.

    NCDC has provided financial assistance for its stone crushing unit( Rs.59.40 crore) for stone crushing unit ,machinery & equipments (Rs 6.30cr) and margin money (Rs.330.00  crore) etc. to the society. 

    Social commitment: Conducts Civil Service Foundation Class for around 150 students in a batch; Vocational Training and Rehabilitation Centre for Intellectually Challenged Adults, a programme of ULCCS Foundation; Geriatric care at a safe and well-equipped facility center and medical and palliative care for the terminally ill.

HighTech Weaving Mill constructed by ULCCS

Kandapamchal Bridge constructed by ULCCS

Cyber Park promoted by ULCCS


  • National Level: NCDC Cooperative Excellence Award 2008 and National Award for the “Best Labour Co-operative Society in India” by the National Labour Co-operative Federation of India Ltd. and National Cooperative Union of India.
  • International level: United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) made a documentary on the ULCCS unique model and International Co-operative Alliance (ICA) has shown its appreciation by making ULCCS the only Indian primary co-operative to have membership in their sectoral organisation CICOPA.
  • Future Kerala Brand Award 2017-18 (GOK): Labour Power Brand in Kerala


  • Created history by developing UL Cyberpark, the world’s first IT park developed by a labour contract cooperative society which has triggered the transformation of Kozhikode into an IT hub.
  • UL Technology Solutions is a fast growing IT solutions provider for leading public and private enterprises. Setup in 2011 with four professionals, it now has a turnover of close to Rs 25 crores and employs over 150 professionals.
  • Sargaalaya is a Centre for artisans and craftsmen to display their craft and sale of finished goods. It is promoted by Department of Tourism, Government of Kerala and managed by ULCC. In 2016 it won the award for best rural tourism destination from Government of India.
  • ULCCS also has taken up organic farming:
    ULCCS success is attributed to - Team spirit and transparent & dynamic decision making; ability to ascertain their customers requirements; financial discipline & consistent tracking of business finances; management’s close involvement with projects; ability to adapt & embraced technology and continuously upgrades the machinery and equipment used for construction works.