Integrated Cooperative Development Project (ICDP)

The “Integrated Cooperative Development Project (ICDP)” was introduced in the year 1985-86 as a Central Sector Scheme with subsidy component from Govt. of India and loan from resources of NCDC. With discontinuation of Central Sector Integrated Scheme on Agricultural Cooperation (CSISAC) by Govt. of India, the erstwhile Central Sector ICDP has also been discontinued from FY 2021-22.

However, NCDC will continue to supplement the resources of State Govt. for development of cooperatives by providing loan from its resources for implementation for ICDP in selected districts under its Corporation Sponsored Scheme for the purpose of:

  • Development of Primary Agricultural Credit Societies as multi-purpose self-reliant entities;

  • Development of allied sector cooperatives; and

  • Development of viable functional linkages among cooperatives.

Under the scheme, an integrated area-based approach is adopted for development of cooperatives in a selected district. The Scheme promotes various economic activities through cooperatives in the sphere of agriculture, agro-based industries, cottage and household industries and agro-allied sector like fishery, dairy and livestock, handloom, horticulture, rural industries in a selected district. Assistance under notified services is provided for tourism, transport, education, rural housing, hospitals, health care, generation & distribution of power by new and non-conventional renewable sources of energy and cooperatives banking. A Macro Plan for whole of the selected district is prepared, keeping in view the local resources and needs. Assistance is in a package form for infrastructural need, business development and HRD aspects.

The funding under Corporation Sponsored Scheme may be under two heads (i) Loan and (ii) Subsidy / Interest Subvention. The loan from NCDC resources may be provided for creation of infrastructure facilities such as godowns, banking counter, transport vehicles, small processing units, etc. and strengthening of share capital / providing margin money for augmenting the business of the societies. Subsidy / Interest Subvention may be provided for certain eligible activities by way of dovetailing subsidies from other Central schemes such as AMI, PMFME, PMMSY, AIF, FIDF and NSTFDC etc. 

Pattern of funding for ICDP:

All activities under the NCDC mandate are eligible for funding under ICDP:

NCDC to State /UT Govt.

State / UT Govt. to Society

Loan – 100%


Subsidies if any, available from a Central Govt. department for any eligible activity covered under ICDP, the same may be dovetailed and passed on to the beneficiary Cooperatives and equivalent amount of loan may be reduced by NCDC.

Loan + Share Capital + State Subsidies (if any) -100%


Subsidies if any, available from a Central or State Govt. department for any eligible activity covered under ICDP, the same may be dovetailed and passed on to the beneficiary Cooperatives and equivalent amount of loan may be reduced by State Govt.


The NCDC financial assistance released to State Govt. may be for a maximum period of 8 years,  repayable in annual installments. There may be 3 years moratorium period on repayment of loan for infrastructural development, while there may not be any moratorium period for repayment of other loans like for margin money, share capital and project implementation team cost etc. Also, there may not be any moratorium period for payment of interest on any loan amount.  The rate of interest may be as prevailing at the time of actual release of fund by NCDC and may be clearly conveyed in NCDC release letter.

The State / UT Government will be responsible for overall implementation of the project, right from beginning to end. If need be, the State / UT Government may constitute a Project Implementation Agency (PIA) for effective ground level implementation and Project Monitoring Cell to closely monitor and supervise the day to day functions of implementing agencies. The entire cost of Project Implementation Team will be met by State Govt. and NCDC may reimburse such cost as loan to State Govt. Further, if need be, the State Govt. may constitute a District Level Coordination Committee (DLCC) under the chairmanship of District Collector / District Magistrate with functional head of all the district level cooperative federations as its members and State Level Coordination Committee (SLCC) under the Chairmanship of functional head of State Cooperation Department with functional heads of all the concerned departments connected with cooperatives and RCS as its members to remove the bottleneck in implementation of the project.

Eligibility, criteria and procedure:

An area-based approach is adopted under the scheme for development of cooperatives. A district is selected on the recommendation of concerned State Government for which information is to be submitted as per prescribed format. Thereafter a detailed project report (DPR) is prepared either by a multi disciplinary team of State Government Officers or by an outside consultancy organization appointed by State Government with the approval of NCDC. DPR is prepared by the State government or Consultant as per Terms of Reference. The DPR is considered and approved first by District Level Coordination Committee (DLCC) and then by State Level Coordination Committee (SLCC). The DPR is then recommended by the State Government to NCDC for sanction.

In the backdrop of the DPR, the project is then appraised by the team of NCDC officers in consultation with state Government officials. The Appraisal report is then considered by the Central Screening Committee, and based on its recommendation the sanction is conveyed to the State Government after obtaining approval of the Competent Authority in NCDC.

The Project after sanction is implemented by State /UT Government. During the course of implementation of project, the State / UT Govt. shall submit periodic Progress Report to NCDC HO and concerned Regional Officer as per the prescribed format. After completion of project, Project Completion Report may be prepared in NCDC prescribed format, broadly indicating the physical and financial achievements made under the project and the same may be recommended by State Govt. to NCDC for settlement of final account of the project.

                                                                                                                          Rs. in crore


Sanction  in

FY 2022-23

Disbursement in

FY 2022-23

Cumulative disbursement

(As on 31.03.2023)






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