Regional Directorate, Ranchi

Name of Regional Directorate: Ranchi
Jurisdiction: Jharkhand
Address of Regional Directorate: M-23/DS, Harmu Housing Colony, Near BJP Office,Harmu, Ranchi, Jharkhand, Pin- 834002
Name of Regional Director: Shri Mohd. Sarfaraz
Contact details:0651-3501552 (CRM: 9311765349) E-mail: ro.ranchi,

Google Map link (Route map of Directorate):


Cooperatives Societies in Jharkhand (As on 31.03.23):

S. No. Category of Societies Number
1 State Level Cooperative Federations/Organizations (representing Agriculture and MFP, Dairy, Handloom Weavers, Fisheries, Poultry, Horticulture, Lac processing, Credit and Banking, Cooperative Development) 12
2 District Central Cooperative Banks 1
3 Urban Cooperative Banks 2
4 Primary Credit Cooperative Societies/ LAMPS 4402
5 Vyapar Mandal 77
6 Fisheries Cooperatives 445
7 Other type of societies 8881
  Total 13820

Implementation of NCDC Programmes:

Financial support by NCDC:

Up to 31.03.2023, NCDC has provided total disbursement of Rs.158.291 crore benefitting various cooperative projects/units as follows:

Cumulative Disbursement as on 31 March, 2023

S. No. Scheme/Activity Cumulative Disbursement as on
31.03.2021 (Rs. in crore)
1 Weaker Sections: Poultry 14.34
2 Marketing & Inputs 1.028
3 ICDP in selected Districts covering storage, marketing, all weaker section activities etc. 139.572
4 Cold Storage 1.000
5 Storage(Agri-Marketing Godown) 0.331
6 Farmers Producer Organization (FPO) 1.876
7 Fish Framers Producer Organization (FFPO) under PMMSY 0.021
8 PMMSY 0.123
  Total 158.291

Sanctions and Release details of last 5 years (Rs. in crore)

Year Sanction Release
2018-19 34.26 0.82
2019-20 0.00 8.25
2020-21 4.29 0.92
2021-22 1.84 1.79
2022-23 66.59 4.63


Highlights of the programmes assisted and other relevant achievements/ issues during the last 5 years (2018-19 to 2022-23):

  • Jharkhand Women Self Supporting Poultry Cooperative Federation Ltd. (JWSPCFL) was registered on 31st March 2005. Presently, the federation has 9 member Co-operatives with operations spread over Lohardaga, Gumla, Khunti, E.Singbhum, Bokaro, Koderma, Godda and Dumka. NCDC has played a crucial role in developing JWSPCFL for development of broiler and hatchery units in various districts. A total assistance of Rs. 4.61 crore has been disbursed by RO, Ranchi.
  • ICDP project has played a crucial role to support un-tapped PACS from various sectors and helped to flourish them from the very beginning stage. Out of 24 districts in Jharkhand State, ICDP project has covered all the 24 districts till now and disbursed a total assistance of Rs.8.92 crore during the last five years. 
  • The Jharkhand State Co-operative Lac Marketing & Procurement Federation Ltd. (in short “JASCOLAMPF”) is the only apex commodity co-operative body in India specifically meant for Lac promotion established in the year 1963 by the State Government for the overall development of lac industry in the state. NCDC has assisted JASCOLAMPF earlier by providing margin money assistance and in establishing T&P Cell. A total assistance of Rs.50.46 Lakh has been released under the scheme during the last five years.
  • Under AMI Sub Scheme of ISAM for construction of Agri-marketing Infrastructure RO Ranchi has sanctioned a project at a block cost of Rs.44.75 lakh to Gramin Bachat Evam Sakh Swawlambi Sahkari Samiti Ltd. Dumka, which was the first project sanctioned by RO Ranchi Since its inception Under direct funding norms of NCDC. Rs. 0.330 crore has been released to Gramin Bachat Awm Sakh Swawlambi Sahkari Samiti Ltd. Dumka under the scheme.
  • To increase the storage capacity and for providing the agricultural marketing facility at various districts of Jharkhand, NCDC has sanctioned financial Assistance of Rs.59.250 crore to Cooperation Department of Jharkhand for creating 200 Nos of 100 MT godown cum Marketing Infrastructure facility and 26 Nos of 500 MT godown cum Marketing Infrastructure facility During FY 2022-23.

New Initiatives in the Region during Year F.Y. 2022-23:

  • For the promotion of Aquaculture in the state, NCDC, RO Ranchi is providing assistance for installation and maintenance of Aquaria under PMMSY scheme at 4 prominent locations of the state. RO, Ranchi has sanctioned a financial assistance of Rs.8.32 lakh out of which Rs.4.96 lakh has been disbursed by NCDC as first tranche of the assistance.  

Initiatives for development of Aspirational Districts (identified by NITI Aayog) through Cooperatives:

  • NCDC has sanctioned financial Assistance of Rs.59.25 crore to Cooperation Department of Jharkhand for creating 200 Nos of 100 MT godown cum Marketing Infrastructure facility and 26 Nos of 500 MT godown cum Marketing Infrastructure facility in 14 district of Jharkhand out of which 12 are Aspirational Districts. 
  • NCDC is promoting 1 FFPO in West Singhbhum district which is an Aspirational District under PMMSY. 
  • Under PMMSY NCDC has provided financial assistance for establishment of aquaria in 2 Aspirational Districts.

Development Opportunities in the State/UT through Cooperatives:

  • Implementation of projects of Godown-cum-marketing centre & Cold Rooms under AMI.
  • Converting PACS into Modern Banking Unit.
  • Setting up of Processing Unit for value addition of the agriculture produce under PMFME Scheme.  
  • Development of weaker section programmes like dairy, poultry, fishery etc. under the respective schemes of NCDC.
  • Promotion of Bee keeping programmes and Honey Processing under National Bee Keeping and Honey Mission (NBHM).

Success Stories:

  • Jharkhand Women’s Self-Supporting Poultry Co-operative Federation Ltd., Ranchi (JWSPCFL):
    The Jharkhand Women’s Self-Supporting Poultry Co-operative Federation Ltd., Ranchi (JWSPCFL) is the largest commercial production house of poultry in Eastern India. Registered under Jharkhand Self-supporting Co-operative Society Act 1996 on 31st March, 2005. Initially started with strength of mere 60 members, now has a membership base of 5072 members, rural marginalized women from 09 cooperatives across Jharkhand who are able to realize their potential as an entrepreneur. The sales turnover of Federation has grown nearly ten folds from Rs.9.93 crore in FY 2006-07 to Rs.110.96 crore in FY 2018-19. The members of cooperative societies are women who belong to financially and socially marginalized and weaker section of the society i.e. STs, SCs & OBCs, with more than 80% belonging to Tribal population. The society has been assisted by NCDC under weaker section programme with a financial assistance of Rs. 4.61 crore to the Federation for poultry development including hatchery, feed mill, poultry sheds, margin money etc. The exceptional work done by the JWSPCFL has been acknowledged by various organizations at All India/State level and have been bestowed with numerous awards, viz. Outlook Agriculture Conclave and Swaraj Awards, 2018 for the Federation, NCDC Regional award for Cooperative Excellence and Merit Award, 2018 for its various member cooperatives.